Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paella Valenciana - Spanish

You may recall that I posted a write-up on the Paella before. Well, I received a very encouraging comment from someone in Barcelona, who also left compliments as well as a suggestion that for a truly spanish paella, we should not put any chorizos in the paella.

We had a dinner party yesterday to celebrate my wife's birthday. I cooked the Paella to serve ten. This time I skipped the chorizos, which was only served it as part of the tapas. I think it worked well as the Chorizos does not distract from the milder seafood flavour). I think this is truly a Paella Valenciana!

I made a time-lapsed video showing the cooking of Paella from start to finish.

Below is a narrative to give you an idea what going on with the 'silent movie'.

It starts off with browning the chicken and pork, followed by the prawns. These are put aside. Next, chopped onions and garlic are sauteed in olive oil. Sliced capsicum are added to cook. The browned chicken and pork are then put back in to cook. Two cans of crushed tomatoes are emptied into the pan. The broth is allowed to thicken. The intensity of the flame is intermittently adjusted. The stock with saffron and short-grain rice are put into the pan.

At this point, as the guitar shredding is getting hotter... the seafood, i.e. the prawns, squids and blue swimmer crabs, are put in to cook with the rice. The sea mussels are then stabbed into the almost cooked rice. We let it simmered until the rice is cooked, adding water to maintain the moisture. Salt and pepper is added to taste. I have to occasionally stirred the rice up from the base to get the rice evenly cooked, if not you can end up with burnt rice at the bottom of the pan. Inevitably, there will be a thin layer of roasted rice soaked the broth at the hot spot of the pan. When the Paella is served, I love to go for these roasted bits which is so flavoursome.

When the rice is cooked it is ready to be served.


  1. How long did it take to make this? Seemed like a lot of work and preparation!

    Jeff from work

  2. Yes, it does take some effort to cook good food. There are quite a few ingredients that we need to prepare. But it is a matter of lifestyle, you got to love cooking and have a mindset of unhurried pace of life to do this sort of thing. It is sad to see people are so rush and not even know the taste of the food they eat. Visit my link to Slow Food to appreciate what I am trying to explain. Hope to convert you.