Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thai Yim

One of the most popular and well known Thai cuisine is the Tom Yum. This traditional Thai dish is a soup made from stock and ingredients like lemon grass, lime leaves, lime juice, tamarind, ginger, fish sauce, galangal and crushed red hot chilli.  The distinct flavour of the soup is tangy, spicy,  sour and some sweetness of the stock.  As the weather get colder, with winter approaching, a good place to savour this soup is at Thai Yim. Thai Yim is a little restaurant located beside the Glen Waverley railway station run by the owner and cook, Toy with her partner Frank.  Toy come from Kalasin, a town North East of Thailand.

We dropped in for a meal yesterday. This is our second visit. They have only open for four months. We picked a two items from the menu and a two from the 'special' chalkboard. We had green curry, Tom yum, scrambled eggs wrap and the spicy squids stir fried with vegetables.  The green curry was served in a large bowl shaped like a boat. I can easily tell if it is a good green curry as I often travelled to Thailand. It need to have some fresh herbs and not just using some pre-prepared paste.

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