Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paella - Spanish

The Paella is a traditional dish from Spain. It is basically short-grain rice cooked in stock with a selection of fresh seafood, i.e. mussels, prawns, squids, scallop, fish bits. We also add in some chorizos, porks and chicken.

As an alternative to BBQ, we cooked a Paella on our 4-ring outdoor gas burner. A large pan of Paella can cater for quite a big number of guest. We like serving the Paella in the middle of the table and let the guest scoop whatever they like from the pan. It's kind of communal feasting.

In Melbourne, there is a Spanish quarter along the Johnston Street, Fitzroy (annual Spanish festival is held here too).
There are several Spanish restaurant, e.g. Spanish Club, Kanela, etc., There is also a Spanish grocery, Casa Iberica (25, Johnston St) where we picked up the ingredients and cooking wares required for the Paella.


  1. Hey friend, This paella seems very very nice and good!! Congratulations,, but only some notes: In spain, my country, nobody adds chorizo, no sounds good. ok?
    Good idea serve the pan in middlet of the table and let the guest scoop whatever they like. This is tipically in Valencia area, which paella is originally.

    Iam from Barcelona! Fun to see this post!!
    Best wishes!

    Chus A.

  2. Thanks for the tip, next time no chorizo. Great to get approval from a Spaniard.
    Gracias mucho!