Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nasi Goreng - Malaysian

I reckon Nasi Goreng is an Asian dish that has gained most acceptance from people all over the world. You'll find that Westerners are quite fluent in ordering the dish. Nasi goreng is a Malay word when translated means fried rice. Nasi goreng is popular in the South East Asian countries. The dish is probably propagated by the Dutch to the Western cities along the old sea route, like Cape Town and Amsterdam.

I have a very close friend whose son, Ewe Jin, who is thirteen. He started to learn to cook, and enjoying it. He specialised in cooking Nasi Goreng. So far on two occasions we have requested his mum and dad to have a meal of his Nasi Goreng and nothing else. On both occasions, our lovely hosts prepared a Malaysian feast to accompany the humble fried rice.

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