Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hudadak - Korean

Clayton is the suburb where Monash University, a well known Australian university. Over here, there is a large Asian student population from China and Korea. The number of students from this two nations has now outnumbered those that come from the South-East Asian countries. It is not surprising that you will find many restaurants catering for the 'homesick' students who missed their Mum's cooking. This Korean restaurant, Hudadak,  is run by Jina Choi (in the picture), the owner and the cook, she serves good homestyle traditional Korean meals.
We ordered some special dishes off from wall menu, i.e. noodles in white bean broth and soba with traditional korean soya bean paste sauce for lunch. 

The noodle with the white bean broth has an interesting monotone colour, so Zen. It has a nice texture and flavour of raw ground bean. It is served cold, and perfect for that hot summer afternoon.

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