Wednesday, February 11, 2009

River View Cafe - Mediterranean

I wrote about my Fragola grapevine in my garden. Well, this is where the cutting came from. This summer we dropped in to this favourite cafe of ours in Warburton for lunch with some friends. The cafe have a patio with grapevine over it. From the patio, you can get a view of the Yarra river. We had a light (light?) lunch of smoked salmon risotto, gourmet pizza and Turkish breads with dips. 

Warburton is a little countryside town in the Yarra Ranges (mountains) about 77km from CBD Melbourne. IMG_2598If you have heard in the news about the dreadful bushfires that is burning here in Australia, this town is still under threat from the bushfire as we speak. This town is about 45 km south of Marysville, the town that was totally destroyed by the bushfire on last Saturday. Warburton almost suffered from the same fate during the 1939 ‘Black Friday’ bushfires. The town was quite different then with a bigger population than it is today. About six hundred men defended the town and the womenfolk and children took refuge in the river. Fortunately they were able to hold off the fire until the wind changed its direction.

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